Shin Shin Mala Chicken Noodle

Product Description:

Mala sauce is a popular Chinese sauce which consists perfect recipe and excellent blend of spices with chicken rice noodle to give a flavour that will have an immediate impact for you .
!!! Enjoy it !!!

Packet Specification:

  1. Brand:Shin Shin
  2. Flavour:Mala Chicken Flavor
  3. Type:Instant Rice Noodle (Soup)
  4. Net Weight Of
  5. Dimensions: Length - 180mm
    Width   - 40mm
    Height  - 115mm


Noodle Ingredients
Rice (95%), Sticky Rice (5%), Tapioca Starch (5%)
Flavour Powder Ingredients:

Fine Salt(33%), Sugar(29%), Chicken Flavor(9%), Maltodextrin(7%), Chilli Powder(7%), Garlic Powder(3%), Spice Powder(2%), Pepper Powder(2%), Mono Sodium Glutamate{E621} (2%), Disodium Inosinate + Disodium Guanylate (2%),Xanthan Gum(2%), Hydrolyzed Plant Protein(1%)

Flavour Oil Ingredients:
Vegetable Oil (61%), Fresh Garlic (14%), Fresh Ginger(10%), Chilli Powder(5%), Fish Sauce (3%), Vinegar (3%), Turmeric Powder (0.08%)
Allergen Information:
Contains Protein (Rice) , Fish , Glutamate.
Storage Method:
-Store in dry, shady and cool place.
-Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
-Do not consume after expiry date.
Shelf Life:
9 Months