Shin Shin Chili Pork Flavour

Product Description:

Inspired by a popular dish from the northern part of the country. The aroma of pork cooked in red and green chili makes a hearty and spicy meal. You are sure to come back for more. It’s so GOOD!!!

Packet Specification:

  1. Brand:Shin Shin
  2. Flavour:Chili Pork Flavor
  3. Type: Instant Rice Vermicelli (Soup)
  4. Net Weight Of
    55 Grams
  5. Dimensions: Length - 170mm
    Width   - 40mm
    Height  - 115mm


Instant vermicelli cake
Broken Rice
Flavour Powder Ingredients:

Fine Salt(35%), Sugar(20%), Maltodextrine(20%), Mono Sodium Glutamate{E621} (5%), Pepper Powder(1%), Tamarind Powder(0.5%), Disodium Inosinate + Disodium Guanylate(0.5%), Ginger Powder(0.3%), Coriander Seed Powder(0.1%), Hydrolyzed Plant Protein(0.1%)

Flavour Oil Ingredients:
Vegetable Oil(80%), Green Chilli Powder(2%), Vinegar(2%), Fish Sauce(2%), Fresh Ginger(1%), Jaggery(1%)
Allergen Information:
Contains Protein (Rice) , Glutamate , Fish.
Storage Method:
-Store in dry, shady and cool place.
-Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
-Do not consume after expiry date.
Shelf Life:
12 Months