I am delighted to introduce our company to our esteemed customer. Currently we are operating as the most successful instant rice vermicelli and noodle company in Myanmar. We are proud to reveal two key factors that make us successful. Our motto, “Quality First – Quantity Second “, is the first reason why we are here now. The second and pivotal reason is our iconic slogan “Let’s Work Together and Grow Together“ that makes us strong and healthy as an economic entity. We have been striving to stand out as a responsible and reliable partner in our industry by learning and building capability to efficiently and effectively respond to the changing needs of the times. Hence we cherish and seek quality in all spheres of our company. However, the quality journey is a never ending and we have been consistently adding new flavors and introduced new management and production systems into our business processes and activities. We also achieved GHP Certificates and ISO22000:2018 accreditation for Quality Management Systems, Safety and Hygiene. Our products are enjoyed by millions of customers in Myanmar and we look forward to serving billions more worldwide. Thank you for your support and look forward to working with you as partners in the years to come.


Cho Cho Industry Ltd. was incorporated in Myanmar in the year 2001 under the Myanmar Citizen’s Investment Law and started operations in the same year. Our aim was, is and will always be to produce the best rice vermicelli and noodle in Myanmar and this vision has been the guiding light from which we draw all our inspiration and dedication from. In the early stages of operations, the company only produced one type of product but has since increased its product portfolio to include four categories that are typical of the Myanmar palate and due to their popularity, moreflavours are being developed. Taste and quality has been the cornerstones of our success and each product has its own unique character that is evocative of Myanmar cuisine. The company combines technology from all over the world including Thailand, China, Singapore, and Japan to bring you the best tasting rice noodle and vermicelli possible. We have continuously added new flavours and introduced new management, production and quality techniques into our processes and activities. Thus, our products speak for themselves within Myanmar and other countries to delight tummies everywhere.


“Quality First and Quantity Second” is the motto that we adopt at the workplace. To ensure the maintenance of high quality standards, the company implements a vigorous Total Quality Management and continuous improvement approach to the manufacturing process. The quality, hygiene and cleanliness of the raw materials are also strictly maintained and the company processes most of the herbs and spices that are used in the flavours. We also achieved GHP Certificates for Quality Management Systems, Safety and Hygiene. The company has also gained the ISO 22000:2018 accreditation which further certifies our dedication to delivering quality products and world class tastes.